RFQ Generator

RFQ Generator



The [bluester] RFQ Generator composes professional and comprehensive RFQs for Technical and Professional Maritime Support Services. RFQs created incorporate all relevant commercial, technical and regulatory aspects.

What the RFQ Generator does

  • Composes fully professional and comprehensive RFQs for Technical and Professional Maritime Support Services
  • Creates RFQs that contain all relevant information needed - commercial, technical, regulatory
  • Makes sending back and forth of E-Mails for service scope clarification unnecessary
  • Allows for perfect service preparation, execution and debrief
  • Enables easy service related ship/ shore communication

How the RFQ Generator works

  • Uses a guided, fully automated step by step process
  • Only asks for service relevant vessel and equipment details
  • Has included rules, regulations and standards required to be given for specific services
  • Uses easy to answer questions, multiple select answer fields to define a scope
  • Matches equipment/ service types with only the applicable/ relevant services
  • Delivers RFQs in pdf format to be attached to any ERP or CRM system
  • Gives out RFQs in digital form to be imported in any ERP or CRM system

Which benefits the RFQ Generator has

  • Saves tremendous amounts of time and effort
  • Eliminates the risk of incomplete, faulty, mis-leading communication
  • Gives Purchasers technical expertise and Superintendents purchasing professionalism
  • Brings ship/ shore communication to another level

What does the RFQ Generator not do

The RFQ Generator is a limited version of a functionality that is integral part of the [bluester] marketplace. As such and other than the full [bluester] marketplace version it does not allow to:

  • Compose one complex RFQ that can automatically be splitted up for sending it out to matching Service Provider categories (like for example Diving Companies and Providers of Radio Navigation Services)
  • Request a service with all relevant Service Providers in up to 5 ports simultaneously
  • Request a service other than for a specific ETA
  • Set pre-requirements/ include vendor qualification to be matched in regards to
    • Accreditations/ approvals/ certifications
    • Work procedures and work safety
    • Commercial, liability and insurance terms
  • Have the offer selection process prepared professionally (offer weighting)
  • Use automated tendering (in relation to certificate due dates and other data)
  • Contract on Standard Terms & Conditions